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19225 Liberty Mill Road
Germantown, MD, 20874
United States

(301) 353-9781


About Us 關於美國禪學院

About US Zen Institute

The main temple was opened in May of 2001 on the site of the old temple fire.

The main temple was opened in May of 2001 on the site of the old temple fire.


美國禪學院的支持力量主要來自大華盛頓特區周邊的亞洲移民社區,尤其是當中的佛教徒。 由於這些信眾過去幾十年的支持,本院得以在馬里蘭州扎下根基。當前努力的目標,是在既有的基礎上增廣充實,在全球範圍內增進世人對佛法的系統性瞭解,同時透過跨宗教的交流與教學,讓佛法在社區層次持續向下扎根,真實改善學佛者的生活與生命。





The US Zen Institute (USZI) was founded upon the generous support from the greater DC Asian immigrant community, especially the Buddhists among them. Thanks to their backing for over two decades, we were able to build up a strong footing in Maryland. Our current objective, on the one hand, is to expand and enrich the existing programs in order to foster systematic understanding of Buddhism at the global level and, on the other hand, to engage in interfaith activities at the local level that intend to genuinely better the life quality of people in general and Buddhists in particular. We mean to keep in motion the glocalization of Buddhism.

The USZI does not identify itself with any particular Buddhist traditions. Instead, we believe the sustainability and efficacy of Buddhist practices, lay and monastic, hinge on cultivating the Four Divine Abiding samadhi which empowers wholesome mental qualities devoid of greed, hatred, and delusion – a state not only engenders knowledge-based faith, improves interpersonal and group relationships, but also serves as an unsurpassable means to accumulate meritorious merits and a secured rebirth in the fortunate destines before heading toward Nirvana. We offer full-spectrum instructions of doctrines and meditative techniques to facilitate our followers in treading this path.

Our organization was established in 1988 in an 85-year old church. It was revamped into a 10,300 sq. ft temple in 2001, complete with Abbot's dormitory and equipped with modern instructional technologies. To materialize our mid and long-term goals of development, the USZI purchased an 11-acre lot nearby in 2017 to construct a meditation center that facilitates residential retreat as well as systematic doctrinal instructions, among other planned projects. We are also pondering upon the possibility of cooperating with well-established overseas Buddhist Universities to administer advanced studies in Buddhism in this prospective center. In the meantime, the USZI fully recognizes the existing societal as well as global challenges posed by the ongoing globalization. We take it as a guiding principle for Buddhist organizations such as the USZI to work hand in hand with all other faiths in addressing these issues in the long term.

Welcome people from all over the world who are interested in Buddhism to come and visit the USZI. It is our sincere hope that our well-crafted facilities and instructions will help you to investigate the intrinsic meanings of Buddhism and to put your understandings into actions that may benefit both yourself and others.

Monastic Members 常住僧團成員

Abbot 方丈
Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa Sak
法曜法師 (Fa Yao)

Prior 監院
Ven. Yong-hui

Assistant 方丈侍者
Ven. Sagarananda Tien Ph.D.

Resident Monastic 常住法師
Ven. Sagaraguna Wang Ph.D. 
Ven. Atisukhuma Fang MA

Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa Sak

Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa Sak