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2019 Summer Camp & Meditation Retreat

2019 Youth Summer Camp

美國禪學院的夏令營活動將於今年七月一日至七日在馬里蘭州 Catoctin Mountain 國家公園舉辦為期七天的露營活動。本次夏令的主題為「在人與自然中尋求和諧」。


報名方式: 即日起接受報名,名額有限,額滿為止。請點此下載報名表,寄回美國禪學講堂或由電話報名。

US Zen Institute will hold its summer camp at Catocin Mountain National Park between 1st and 7th of July this year. The theme of the camp this year is Seeking Harmony in Human and Nature.

US Zen Institute’s summer camp is ideal for campers who are interested in learning Buddhist teachings and practices, meeting people from other cultural backgrounds, and enjoying the great outdoors. We welcome anyone of age between 8 and 15 years old as campers whereas those who are older than 15 years old as counselors. Parents are welcome to participate as volunteers.

Registration: Registration is now open. There are only 40 slots available. Registration will close once it’s full. Please click here to download the registration form for the youth summer campo, complete it and mail it to US Zen. Or you may register by phone.

2019 Summer Samadhi Meditation Retreat

於青少年佛學夏令營的同時,美國禪學院也將在同地點 Camp Round Meadow of Catoctin Moutain National Park 舉行七日三昧禪修,以中英雙語進行,指導老師為美國禪學院方丈和尚法曜法師。


報名方式: 即日起接受報名,。因住宿空間有限,此活動僅有六十位名額,參加全程者將會優先錄取,額滿或於 5/31 截止報名。請點此於網上註冊禪修

In concurrence with the youth summer camp, there will be a seven-day meditation retreat being held at the same location at Camp Round Meadow of Catoctin Moutain National Park. The retreat will be instructed by Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa Sak, the abbot of US Zen Institute. It will be held in In English/Chinese bilingual format.

Click here to see the retreat daily schedule.

Registration: Registration is now open. Only 60 slots are available at this retreat. Registrants attending the full retreat have the priority to be admitted. Registration ends on 5/31 or once it’s full. Please click here to register online for the meditation retreat.