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2018 Parliaments of Religions 世界宗教議會

Parliament of the World's Religions - 2018 世界宗教議會 2018年多倫多大會

US Zen

Parliament of the World's Religions - 2018 upcoming in November

Registration is now OPEN!

The 2018 POWR will be hosted by the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 1-7, 2018. This interfaith event is expecting 200 diverse religious, indigenous, and secular beliefs and more than 80 nations that offer 500 programs during the convention. There will be informative breakout sessions, cultural performances, art and photography exhibits, stirring calls to action, an expansive cultural bazaar, and hundreds of serendipitous opportunities to interact personally with people from around the world.

The Abbot of the US Zen Institute, Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa, is currently a serving trustee of POWR. He strongly urges all interested Buddhists to take part in this event wherein the concerns of and contributions made by Buddhism had seldom been heard.

世界宗教議會 2018年多倫多大會 

十一月一日~七日  . 八十餘國 . 二百多種信仰 . 萬人聚議


美國禪學院方丈法曜法師目前為世界宗教議會的董事,想誠摯地邀請你一同參加這次大會。世界宗教議會是世界上歷史最悠久、最大型、最包容的跨宗教聚會活動。上一場 2015 年大會共有 9806 人參加,他們來自 73 個國家、30 種宗教、以及 548 個教派。這是一個能讓你親身體驗諸多宗教差異與和諧的難得機會

今年大會會在 11/01-07 於加拿大的多倫多市舉行,現在註冊即可享有早鳥優惠 (三月底截止),有興趣的法友亦可考慮提案在大會中發表論文、演講、表演等 (四月一日截止)